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  • Africa's Best-Selling Crossover SUV's 2015

    According to some sources, the roads in Africa range from “pretty good” to “impassible,” part of which depends on what vehicle you drive. A decent sedan is enough to handle all the “pretty good” roads in the city and suburbs, the occasional poth...

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  • How Used Vans and Buses are Changing Passenger Transport in Africa

    Used vans are big in the passenger transport business in Africa. Only a small portion of the 1 billion plus people in the continent own private cars. The rest depend on the public transport system to travel from one point to another, mostly for wor...

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  • The Top Five Most Fuel-Efficient Used Cars

    Considering that the price of fuel never seems to drop, a considerable chunk of our income goes to keeping the tank filled. There are at least a couple of ways to maximize your fuel economy, such as keeping your vehicle maintained properly and watchi...

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  • Best pick-up truck

    What is the best pick-up truck? We round up our favourites Although not as popular as in the US and UK, pick-up trucks have many fans in Tanzania, especially among people whose business takes them outdoors for a living. It’s not just tree surgeons...

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  • Compact and Affordable Hatchbacks - Toyota Vitz vs. Toyota Passo

    Small cars out of Japan actually come as no surprise, since the island nation of Japan is one of the most densely populated in the world. Still, people and goods need to move around, which is why Japan seems to be the home of the compact hatchback. I...

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